Former Design for Change Coordinator

Oxfam’s Australia’s Design for Change program was an educational program designed to educate the next wave of social engaged designers. The program worked alongside leading design schools in Sydney and Melbourne to offer design student the opportunity to develop design solutions for complex global issues from climate change, gender inequality, indigenous health issues. 

In addition to the educational program Design for Change also held numerous events throughout Sydney and Melbourne to mobilise an active community of designers committed to using their skills for social change. 

Notable events included:

Vivid Ideas 2015: “The general perception I have is that design can function in culture and has a social role that cannot be only about selling goods" - Milton Glaser  

We heard from four trouble makers from creative agencies who have developed award-winning campaigns that have inspired us to be part of movements to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Each speaker had 10 minutes to present their vision for how design is being used to solve a social issue. Following each speaker’s presentation join us for a panel discussion exploring innovative ways design can be catalyst for community building and civic action.

The event invited Vince Frost of Frost*collective, Tim Buesing of Reactive, Murray Bunton of Agency and Kelsey Schwenk of Studio Thick to talk, debate and argue about design and social activism.

Melbourne International Design Week 2015: Oxfam Australia's Design for Change is always on the hunt for designers who are disrupting the system. From award-winning creative studios to rogue designers want to change design education and creatives who are designing some of the most compelling social impact campaigns to date.

In this event for Melbourne's International Design Week, we hosted an evening of flash talks with design masters who are challenging design conventions and the status quo. 

The event was a combination of a short flash talks followed by a lively panel discussion to get into the nitty gritty about design and social change.


Landor x Design for Change: Gender Inequality campaign

In 2015, Oxfam Australia’s Design for Change in collaboration with the international branding agency Landor have launched a new design challenge. We are calling on designers of all stripes in Australia to use their creative skill to raise awareness of women in developing countries who are most effected by poverty and food insecurity. The design challenge rallies young designers to create a poster which communicates that more needs to be done to support women’s empowerment and gender justice. 

The winning designs were printed and featured at a forthcoming exhibition and conference hosted by Oxfam Australia on Gender Equality. The judging panel included Landor Sydney, The Loop, The Distillery, and Oxfam Australia.