Producer for Masterclass at Vivid Ideas

This year What I Didn’t Learn in Design School presents award-winning artist and activist Steve Lambert (US) for Vivid Festival 2016. The New York-based artist and co-founder of The Centre for Artistic Activism is invited to host a keynote presentation and interactive masterclass focused on utilising creative platforms in art, advertising and digital media to mobilise communities for civic action and political movement. 

Steve’s playful work has been featured in the New York Times, Rhizome/New Museum, NPR, CNN, The Guardian, The Creative Work Fund, the United Nations and more. Steve has worked with communities around the world from US veterans, sex workers in South Africa and LGBTIQ groups in the Balkans to help communities build upon their own local knowledge and develop their own practices for creative activism.  

In 2016, Vivid Ideas audiences are given a unique opportunity to hear first hand from Lambert, as he shares his techniques for creating public artworks that are catalysts for public debate and political action. True to Steve’s own artistic practice, the proposed events will invite guests to participate in Lambert’s highly interactive approaches to creative activism to learn more about their own creative potentials as artists and activists. Support for the two events have been made possible by Vivid Ideas and the US Consulate.