Founder of What I Didn’t Learn in Design School

Launched in 2015, What I Didn’t learn in Design School is a series of conversations with designers and creative industry folk who are challenging design conventions. Throughout the year we feature conversations with design leaders from around the globe whose work and creative practices have established new ways of thinking and doing in the creative industries. The talks are also an opportunity to discuss how young creatives can hack the design school system and create spaces to better equip the next generation of young designers.  

Creatives are working in vastly changing contexts, jobs in the creative industry from 10 years ago look completely different to today. Factors such as technology, social media, through to interdisciplinary collaborations to the freelance economy have forced creatives to think differently about their work and constantly evolve. These moving elements make it an interesting time to be a designer, the talks held by What I Didn't learn in Design School are curated to offer our audience insight into how designers are adapting and transforming their practice, as well as giving students and professionals practical tips that can be fed into their own work. The talks were then created to question the educational model as well as provide a space where young and emerging designers could learn from one another and to expand the definition of design to talk about the changing practices and possibilities of design. 

Past events have featured Jeremy Wortsman (Jacky Winter Group), Gabe Tamborini (Reactive), Jenni Doran (Designer), Georgia Hill (Illustrator) and Jason Little (For the People).